The Basic 7 package has speeds of 7 Mbps of download speed and 1 Mbps of upload speed. With this package you will have the ability to surf the web, stream some services and check your email. This package is meant for smaller families and people who have few devices in the home. Websites will load faster and allow you to get what you need on the internet completed faster. Experience the M3 Basic 7 at $60.00 a month!


The Ultimate 15 package is a fast package for a few devices! You will get a 15 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload speed. This package is designed to allow you to watch multiple devices at the same time or play your favorite game system with little to no buffering. Couple this package with one of our managed routers which helps distribute bandwidth to multiple devices in the home with little to no buffering while multiple devices are in use. We recommend renting our managed router with this package, especially if you are trying to stream multiple devices or using this package for gaming. Get the Extreme M3 experience at $80.00 a month.

Ballistic 25 High-speed internet

The Ultimate 25 package is our fastest package at this time. This package offers you 25 Mbps of download speed and 5 Mbps of upload speed. It is designed to allow most streaming services to run, working from home, multiple children with online schooling, or multiple gaming systems to run concurrently. This package comes standard with our M3 Wireless portal which helps distribute bandwidth to multiple devices in the home with little to no buffering while multiple devices are in use. Our wireless portal provides wireless internet throught most homes and if damaged, will be replaced by M3 Wireless for no aditional cost to you. Get the M3 Ultimate 25 experience at $100.00 per month! 

Our managed router

We have been working with our customers for years, trying to make all their internet needs work with the ever expanding internet. With video streaming and gaming services expanding so rapidly, this process has been very demanding. To allow our customers to work with many computers and devices in a home, and to not allow one device to monopolize all the bandwidth. We offer a managed router that costs $5.00 per month. The router allows us to maintain a flow of traffic to each device and not allow one device to use all the internet. This router is owned and maintained by M3 Wireless Inc. If anything happens to the router, we replace it at our cost, but if you cancel service, you must return the router to us. If the customer intentionally damages the router, then they are responsible to pay the replacement cost of the router.

We'll Help Add New Capabilities for Your Growing internet needs

We are constantly looking to add new services and products to help our customers and keep at the for front of the internet edge. If there is ever any service or product that we do not offer and you would like, please feel free to contact us and we will look into adding the service or product.

With the expansion of household appliances and the integration of smart devices in a home. We can help you configure and setup any of these devices. We can also add a camera system to your home to watch over it while you are gone. Just call or email and we can help you configure any system for your needs.